Philipp Plein Copies Virgil Abloh's Louis Vuitton Keepall Bag

It is therefore important that you shop your vintage Keepall from a trusted supplier with a substantial history of dealing with vintage luxury. You already have read the whole guide which means that you already know the methods to tell a fake bag from the authentic ones. Pay closer attention to the little details such as font, zipper, hardware, serial number, and label. As we’ve said previously, we consider this being one of the most reliable spots to scan when checking the fake vs real LV Keepall bags.

This version of the Louis Vuitton Keepall collection is also a cabin-sized travel bag. This size is the ideal travel companion for a weekend away, if you ask us! We also saw people taking this size for transporting their small pet (how cute?). Look at how small the folded leather piece of the authentic handle is whereas it appears much larger on the fake bag. A few words on the stitching too- look at how neat the stitching is on the authentic handle, done with thick thread whereas on the fake bag it looks as if the stitches are going to come off any minute.

As far as I understand they put all those excessive care instructions on their products because many customers like to claim refunds or replacements when their bag is slightly damaged. Also, the scarce information on their website is due to an overwhelming number of factories working on replicating their products. The brand just doesn’t want to mke their job easier and hopes that their customers will trust them to make good stuff without knowing the details. This is what I know from being friends with a LV employee. That being said, I believe their bags are too overpriced and I am personally not a huge fan of the logo design, although I do have such a bag.

Thoughtful design and durable materials are the hallmarks of a Louis Vuitton bag. Keepall; being the unisex bag that's great as a carry-on for every trip, got iconic almost immediately. The Louis Vuitton Keepall bag is the all-time favorite for many celebrities and influencers across the world. The authentic scan shows you where and when your bag was made. The legit LV Keepall bag serial number seems to use a different font for the number “1” character compared to the one used on the replica bag.

This particular one was made in the US, and the workmanship is very neat and of high overall quality. The yellow contrast stitching looks nice; it’s doubled up so it won’t come apart, and it will likely last you for a while. It also comes with a nice leather luggage tag on the strap, and the stitch density is very consistent and good.

It’s also 31 centimeters tall and 24 centimeters wide. In inches, that means 21.7 inch long, 12.2 inches high, and 9.4 inches wide. That means it’s slightly shorter and slimmer than my brown leather weekender bag, but it’s also slightly taller and the capacity is about the same. It’s a good carry-on size so you won’t have to check your luggage, and you can still fit a decent amount of stuff in the bag. It seems to me that generally, Louis Vuitton makes their Keepall bags in France, Spain, and the US.

The main problem with the counterfeit Louis Vuitton Keepall bags’ size number is that this number is not centered in the middle of the leather part. Let’s also have a look at the Louis Vuitton Keepall real vs fake stitching used on the side of the bags. Besides, the authentic LV Keepall bag has the stitching on the leather hanger more wavy than the stitching on the fake bag. Then, to the middle hand-emoji pointer of the fake vs real LV Monogram Keepall, the flowers without the circle are, again, too big and too thick on the fake LV Monogram bags. Now, let us proceed to the next steps of the real vs fake Louis Vuitton Monogram/Damier Keepall bags. In order to check the authenticity of your Louis Vuitton Monogram/Damier Keepall bags, you can visit the Louis Vuitton website by clicking on this link.

Louis Vuitton Pillow Bag Collection Econyl

The second option comes in ecru-colouredSince 1854 jacquard textile, complete with light blue trim for a lovely contrast that’s perfect for the weekends. If you're looking to get your hands on a piece, the Pillow collection is currently available in-store as well as online at Louis Vuitton's website. These are really cute and I like that they used the logo three different ways. But I’m not, so would probably prefer to add a few hundred to that 1350 and buy a new bag instead.

I live in the U.S.A. and currently don’t have funds to travel to Germany, but it’s on my “wish list”. When the Trio Pouch was first released, it was priced at $1250. While that price was considered high, some of our forum members broke down the price in a way that made it justifiable as if each pouch were sold separately, they would cost about $300-$400. However, shortly after its release, Louis Vuitton raised the price another $100, to a price of $1350 via If you have a hard time tracking it down, it’s being sold on Fashionphile as well. Our forum members have not only uploaded photos of their Trio Pouch bags, but also shared what fits inside.

We have the Louis Vuitton Purse or accessories you need. Each Louis Vuitton handbag is an attestation to Vuitton’s indisputable genius, an iconic piece of haute couture that breathes a legendary history. It was resourcefulness and ingenuity that drove him from poverty in rural France to the pinnacle of Parisian artisanry, but it was passion that revolutionized an industry and forged a mark synonymous with opulence and luxury. White canvas tote bag matching the colour of the outside Ductal panels and bearing the Fondation Louis Vuitton logo. Shop sought-after bags, belts, wallets and accessories from Louis Vuitton’s iconic creative directors like Virgil Abloh, Kim Jones, Marc Jacobs, and more. I’ve never seen bags like most of these which are unique, to say the least.

This chic best-selling item of the FLV accessory line is perfect for any occasion. The bag has a compact shape that’s great for all your daily essentials. It’s also wide enough for your#iPhone13ProMaxalong with a small wallet, all of which can be kept safely secured within the curved zip closure on top.

It is this attention to detail, quality craftmanship, and amazing durability which has led to second hand Louis Vuitton handbags being highly sought after by buyers in the resale market. As well as being a master of construction, the luxury house has also established itself as a master of variations, having reinvented itself numerous times whilst still keeping its feet firm in its heritage. The LV logo has become one of the most recognisable in the world and has enjoyed many modern updates over the years. From the LV logo’s Stephen Sprouse graffiti-style reimagining under Marc Jacobs’ direction; to its multicolour revamp by artist Takashi Murakami, all the way up to current reinterpretations, Louis Vuitton knows how to keep things classic yet fresh.

Not only is November a sign that you’re inching closer to the Christmas holiday season, but it’s also a month that officially welcomes the launch of cruise collections from some of your favourite luxury houses. And today, you can take a look at this gorgeous half-moon bag from Louis Vuitton, one that made its debut at the Cruise 2022 show by Nicolas Ghesquière earlier this year. The color palette includes black, fuchsia, beige, brown, and khaki hues, with each piece displaying LV's unique characteristics. With sustainability at the forefront, the bags can contain up to 90% sustainably sourced materials, including recycled polyester threads and a pattern that minimizes offcuts, meaning that the bags are both practical and responsible. I would buy if I needed items to store my small stuff and if I didn’t just buy a LV tote. (I purchased the black leather LV OnTheGo tote online. It was a “prelaunch” and sold out quickly).

The days are getting shorter, we're getting sleepy, and Louis Vuitton is here to save the day with its latest Pillow bag. Not sure why they’d raise the price so shortly after the release. The young Vuitton was 13 at the time and would need to travel on foot to get to the capital, which was hundreds of miles away. With stops along the way to make money so that he could forge ahead, the journey took a couple of years, but reward was close at hand. GOOD CONDITION (7/10 or B) Minor rub partially Minor stain partially Minor rub at the all of corners Minor stain partially Zipper...

We've previously seen Maison Margiela release a padded bag, and Gucci even went so far as to release a pillow complete with leather carry-straps. The multi pouch bag craze took the accessory world by storm and there is no sign that it’s going anywhere. Louis Vuitton started the obsession with its Multi Pochette bag, and other brands followed including Prada and Chanel. While these bags leave many with strong opinions, brands aren’t going to miss out on capitalizing on this trend and Louis Vuitton has another option that may sing to your multi-pouch loving heart. Every product that Attic House sell is 100% authentic as we have a team of expert to authenticate each individual product that we sell. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about the authenticity of LV bags that we sells.

Louis Vuitton Pouch Bags

GOOD CONDITION (7/10 or B) Includes Removable Pouch Minor rub partially Minor stain partially Minor stain partially Minor stain partially Width... Superb LOUIS VUITTON belt pouch in Damier coated foal leather. GOOD CONDITION (7/10 or B) Noticeable rub on the edge Noticeable rub on the edge of the bottom Minor stain partially Zipper works properly ... GOOD CONDITION (7/10 or B) Minor rub on the edges Minor stain on the whole parts Minor rub on a part of handle Minor spot on a part of handle (Outsi...

Here at Attic House, one of our core competencies that we have is that the variety of products that we offer. Especially for brand like LV, we have iconic model like LV Speedy, LV Neverfull, LV sling bag to vintage LV model. The reasons that we want to provide such a variety is to help customer to make wiser purchase decision after going through all of the varieties that cater to their personality characteristics, needs and budgets.

Youthful, vivacious, carefree, gorgeous, and durable—it’s time you let her organize her day in superior style. The Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires is one of The Vintage Bar’s bestsellers. Not only is it popular in streetwear but it is incredibly popular amongst our customers.

The consensus is the large pouch would be far better if it were just a bit bigger, as it is slim and can’t hold much. Most can get their phone in, but without a phone case which would make it too bulky. Medium pouch can fit cash, cards, or a few smaller lip glosses.

Our logistics team is comprised of dedicated members who arrange all the details with our partners, servicing and supporting all shipments. VERY GOOD CONDITION (7.5/10 or B+) Includes Add LV Chain Minor rub on the leather parts Minor stain partially Minor marks and rubs Zipper w... Shop with confidence, excitement, and peace of mind knowing every item is 100% authentic, 100% of the time. Each Louis Vuitton crossbody bag is embellished with the signature LV look. On-trend, playful, charming, versatile—these bags are comfortable, practical, and statement-making. Louis Vuitton’s Pochette are most common in their famous Monogram on coated canvas.

Browse a vast assortment of louis vuitton pouch bags for sale on 1stDibs. If you’re looking for Black louis vuitton pouch bags and you’re unable to find the right fit, there are plenty of variations in Brown, Beige and more. Finding accessories for sale for women should be easy, but there are 35 pieces available to browse for men as well as unisex, too. An integral part of fashion, handbags and purses have been indispensable accessories ever since we began to carry around personal items. Only experienced, professional sellers who have applied and been thoroughly vetted by our team of experts can sell louis vuitton pouch bags and other quality items on our site.

And with good reason – the practicality and timelessness of these styles makes them perfect for everyday use year after year. Not just gorgeous, durable, and iconic, many styles of Louis Vuitton bags are incredibly well priced in the designer bags space and this has contributed to their extreme popularity. At up to 60 percent off their retail price new when bought off our site, our second hand Louis Vuitton bags are even more alluring to any new or seasoned bag enthusiast. If you are shopping online for a Louis Vuitton bag or wallet but are not wanting to pay the price tag of buying new, then our second hand luxury bags and accessories at Luxe.It.Fwd may just be what you are searching for. One of the oldest fashion houses in the world, Louis Vuitton which is commonly shortened to LV is also arguably the most iconic.

There’s also a smaller pocket in front for all your quick access needs, finished with anLV Circle logo zip pull for that added touch of shine.

Long before his brand would become known globally for its exemplary top-handle bags and stylish totes, Vuitton produced stackable and rectangular trunks. The most common trunks of the era were round, which weren’t ideal for toting and storing. In 1858, Vuitton debuted his lightweight, handcrafted canvas trunks, which were sturdy, rugged and equipped with convenient compartments. Travel’s popularity broadened in the late 19th century, and Vuitton’s trunks could easily be packed into train cars and ships — upright trunks meant hanging wardrobe storage that would allow his clients to transport their sophisticated garments without worry.

A large number of Japanese beauties have poured into China, ostensibly to travel, but there is another "purpose" behind it

 A large number of Japanese beauties poured into China, ostensibly for tourism, but there is another "purpose" behind it!

Now that we have entered the era of globalization, the frequency of exchanges between countries is unprecedented, and the exchanges between people are also very large. Not only do many domestic people choose to go abroad for exchanges, but after the founding of the People's Republic of China, with the development of Chinese strength, more and more foreigners also choose to come to China. So is Japan.

We often travel to neighboring countries, which are not only short distances, low prices, but also time-saving. So is Japan. At present, more and more Japanese women will come to China. However, they seem happy on the surface, but in reality they have ulterior motives. Why are they here?

In fact, many Japanese women do not simply come to China for tourism, but come here with the purpose of looking for a job. Finding a job in China has become one of their goals. This is because the economic pressure in Japan's big cities is very high, and in traditional Japanese thinking, women should stay at home and be housewives. However, more and more Japanese women are now independent and do not want to be housewives all their lives. So I will choose to leave Japan to develop in other countries.

But why did you choose China? In fact, Bian Xiao believes that this is the reason why the cultural roots are the same, which makes the difference between the two countries less than the difference between Asia and Europe. In Asian countries, the status of Chinese women is actually relatively high. This is due to the slogan "Women can hold up half the sky" established in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, calling for equality between men and women and working together. Although there are still many remnants of feudalism in China, many regions have become enlightened and fair, and it is normal to treat women with respect, support and courtesy. Although Japan and South Korea share the same culture, there are still some differences in gender equality, so many Japanese women choose to come to China to develop.

Furthermore, China itself is a country with vast territory and abundant resources. This is not boasting. Compared with Japan, China is indeed a vast country. In addition to the characteristics of local culture, rich and diverse history, there are countless delicacies. If you don't come, once you have lived in China for a few years, I am afraid you will get used to the Chinese way of life and maybe want to settle down. Although many women come to work, there are also many girls in China who meet relationships and make marriages. Therefore, many netizens also expressed their welcome, just to balance the gender ratio of more men than women in China.

What do you think of it? Do you welcome these girls looking for jobs? China not only has a lot of tourist resources for everyone to watch, but also a lot of delicious food that can capture people's hearts. In this rare peaceful age. The communication between people is simpler and more beautiful, and we cherish this time.

When will the Stock Market rebound

I know 2008 is about done and it has been a rough time for some people. It was a rough time for people who have 401K or IRA plans. Some people say their balances drop in half. People who had money invested in the stock market, some of them saw huge drops for the year. On top of this we saw many business closing up or laying off. I have friends in Real Estate, Mortgages, Banking and Construction and they had had one of their roughest years. I do have faith that we all will be fine and recover. Like many successful investors will tell you there are ways to profit in any market. See what Zacks suggests:

Three Careful Ways to Profit
from the Monster Rebound
We’d like to share three Zacks portfolios that are designed for major growth as well as protection. Two are proven money makers that consistently outpace the market. Plus, we recently released a third that is destined to join the pack. Get the inside scoop on long-term trading, 1 to 3-month picks, and companies that steadily pay dividends.

This is the day to move carefully but decisively in the market. Warren Buffett, among others, is taking advantage of extraordinary values to increase his positions. "Be greedy when others are fearful," he advises. He believes that now is the time to "buy a slice of America's future at a marked-down price." Indeed, history supports the wisdom of this approach. Within one year after the worst bear periods, the market rebounds an average of +55.6 per year. That beats the average S&P 500 gain of only +10 in 6 months.
Insurance giant AET covers +94 in 2.3 years.

2. Our shorter term portfolio, the Timely Buys, is poised to smash the market over the next 1-3 months.These stocks are selected from the Focus List and are all Zacks #1 Rank "Strong Buy."

Timely Buys generates fast-paced gains like these . . .

Footwear manufacturer CROX steps up +60.3 in 10 weeks.
Power company ELP blasts +22.3 or higher, but must meet other fundamental parameters to be included on this prestigious list.

These stocks typically experience significant price increases during up markets while protecting you via dividend payouts in down markets.

Source: Zacks Elite newsletter e-mail

Have Faith and Study
Keep the faith and don't give up. Things will improve. It seems the more you study and talk to others your knowledge in the market increases and you seem to make more money. Use others knowledge and experience. Talk to Financial Planners to Accountants to Business owners to entrepreneurs and Investors. The more you read, study and talk to others can really get your mind to open up and see opportunities. Always keep looking for deals and opportunities, don't wait for someone to give them to you.

Payday loans hard industry to supplant

NEW YORK — The lenders who advance poor people money on their paychecks charge exorbitant interest rates that often snare the most vulnerable customers in a cycle of debt, the industry’s critics have long said.

Yet even consumer advocates who loathe the industry admit it fulfills a need: Providing small amounts of cash quickly to people who can’t qualify for credit cards or a bank loan. Roughly 12 million Americans take out a payday loan each year, spending more than $7 billion, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts.
But with proposed new regulations from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau predicted to cut deeply into the industry, experts and consumer advocates are trying to figure out what will replace it.

The traditional payday loan model works like this. A customer will borrow money, often at a retail payday loan store, where the borrower provides a post-dated check or gives written authorization for the lender to debit their checking account on a certain date, usually 14 to 30 days from the date the loan was taken out. Unlike an installment loan, where the loan is paid back over a period of months, a payday loan is due in its entirety when it comes due.

The problem with this structure is that the majority of payday loans are renewed or extended, critics say, which means a customer cannot come up with the full sum to pay off the loans and must re-borrow the loan for a fee. Roughly 60 percent of all loans are renewed at least once, and 22 percent of all loans are renewed at least seven times, according to a 2014 study by the CFPB.

The CFPB’s proposal would require payday lenders to determine each customer’s ability to repay that loan in the time allotted and would limit the amount of times a customer could renew the loan. The CFPB’s proposal represents an existential threat to payday lending industry as it currently stands, industry officials and regulators say, with loan originations projected to drop between 59 to 80 percent. While most of that drop the CFPB says would stem from the cap on loans being renewed, the CFPB acknowledges in its proposal the volume of payday lending would decrease under the new regulations.

“Frankly, there will be fewer small dollar loans available to consumers because of this proposal. There will not be a one-to-one replacement. And anything that does replace it will be an inferior product,” said Bob DeYoung, a professor of financial markets at the University of Kansas.

The industry has historically shifted quickly from one product to the next to escape regulation. When Arizona voters banned traditional payday lending in 2010, payday lending storefronts quickly converted into auto title loan shops — offering the same high interest loans structured differently. Other payday lenders moved onto Indian reservations to escape state regulations, or set up shop in countries outside the U.S. as online-only payday lenders.

But these regulations, the first nationwide clampdown on payday lending, would cause thousands payday lending stores to close nationwide.
“This proposal doesn’t tweak or reform an existing product. This is a complete overhaul of the industry,” said Jamie Fuller, senior vice president of public affairs of Advance America, a payday lending chain.

What would replace payday lending is not an easy question to answer, but there are a few scenarios industry experts and consumer advocates expect could happen.

• SAME BIRD, NEW FEATHERS: The simplest answer is the industry will survive, and keep doing what it is doing by changing the nature of the loans it provides.
Nick Bourke, a researcher at Pew who has spent more than five years looking at the payday lending industry, says the industry is already making adjustments in the wake of new regulations. When Colorado effectively banned traditional payday lending, the industry moved into high cost installment loans that are paid over a few months instead of all upfront in a few weeks.

“There will be fewer two-week payday loans because of the CFPB rules, but the industry has already shifted to installment lending that is paid over several months. There will still be high interest rate payday loans on the market,” Bourke said.

• PAWNING: Another possible beneficiary may be pawnshops. A 2015 Cornell University study found that states that banned payday loans saw more activity at pawn shops and more checking accounts being closed involuntarily, possibility due to an increased amount of people over-drafting their accounts. But pawn shops are largely seen as a place for people to borrow who don’t have checking accounts.

• BANKS TAKE OVER: Consumer advocates and the CFPB have been quite public in saying the best solution would be for traditional banks, which are highly regulated, to take over payday lending. Banks have plenty of locations, easy access to funds, and can make loans at much lower interest rates and still be profitable. But banks have been cool at best to the idea. Payday loans are seen as a risky and expensive. The costs for underwriting and processing them would eat into profits from the high interest rates they carry.

“Most of our members are willing to do small dollar loans, but they are not very profitable. Application fees don’t cover the cost of doing the application and the processing and the credit check. There are just fixed costs that you just cannot get around,” said Joe Gormley, assistant vice president and regulatory council at the Independent Community Bankers Association, a lobby group for small banks.

• CREDIT UNIONS: There are already some experimental alternatives going on to replace payday loans.

One program run through credit unions is called the Payday Alternative Loan, where a customer can borrow between $200 to $1,000 at 28 percent interest and an application fee of $20. But interest in the program has been limited. The federal regulator for the PAL program estimates only 20 percent of credit unions provided such loans and loan originations were only $123.3 million last year, a drop in the bucket compared to the roughly $7 billion the mainstream payday lending industry did in the same year.

There’s also a program being tried in Atlanta, run by the credit agency Equifax and the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions, that will provide payday loan alternatives that would come with lower interest rates as well as financial counseling to help people avoid borrowing in an emergency again.

herbal substitutes for erectile disfunction drugs

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 Natural remidies for erectile disfunction

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 Erectile dysfunction foods

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 Hiv meds erectile dysfunction

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