A large number of Japanese beauties have poured into China, ostensibly to travel, but there is another "purpose" behind it

 A large number of Japanese beauties poured into China, ostensibly for tourism, but there is another "purpose" behind it!

Now that we have entered the era of globalization, the frequency of exchanges between countries is unprecedented, and the exchanges between people are also very large. Not only do many domestic people choose to go abroad for exchanges, but after the founding of the People's Republic of China, with the development of Chinese strength, more and more foreigners also choose to come to China. So is Japan.

We often travel to neighboring countries, which are not only short distances, low prices, but also time-saving. So is Japan. At present, more and more Japanese women will come to China. However, they seem happy on the surface, but in reality they have ulterior motives. Why are they here?

In fact, many Japanese women do not simply come to China for tourism, but come here with the purpose of looking for a job. Finding a job in China has become one of their goals. This is because the economic pressure in Japan's big cities is very high, and in traditional Japanese thinking, women should stay at home and be housewives. However, more and more Japanese women are now independent and do not want to be housewives all their lives. So I will choose to leave Japan to develop in other countries.

But why did you choose China? In fact, Bian Xiao believes that this is the reason why the cultural roots are the same, which makes the difference between the two countries less than the difference between Asia and Europe. In Asian countries, the status of Chinese women is actually relatively high. This is due to the slogan "Women can hold up half the sky" established in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, calling for equality between men and women and working together. Although there are still many remnants of feudalism in China, many regions have become enlightened and fair, and it is normal to treat women with respect, support and courtesy. Although Japan and South Korea share the same culture, there are still some differences in gender equality, so many Japanese women choose to come to China to develop.

Furthermore, China itself is a country with vast territory and abundant resources. This is not boasting. Compared with Japan, China is indeed a vast country. In addition to the characteristics of local culture, rich and diverse history, there are countless delicacies. If you don't come, once you have lived in China for a few years, I am afraid you will get used to the Chinese way of life and maybe want to settle down. Although many women come to work, there are also many girls in China who meet relationships and make marriages. Therefore, many netizens also expressed their welcome, just to balance the gender ratio of more men than women in China.

What do you think of it? Do you welcome these girls looking for jobs? China not only has a lot of tourist resources for everyone to watch, but also a lot of delicious food that can capture people's hearts. In this rare peaceful age. The communication between people is simpler and more beautiful, and we cherish this time.