7 Organ Cleansing Formulas 3 Parasite Cleansing Formulas

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The Internal Cleansing Kit is a twenty-one day comprehensive whole body cleanse that has over 90 herbs that are potent allies to release, absorb and eliminate stored toxins. Once cleansed, the energy previously used for toxin storage is now available for your body's deep healing and rejuvenation.
This kit has seven formulas dedicated to the body's natural organs of elimination. These formulas are systematically taken over the course of this 21 day, 4 step program, which include the following:

Step 1. Colon & Digestive System Step 2. Liver & Gallbladder, +Parasite Cleansing Step 3. Lungs, Kidney, & Bladder Step 4. Lymph, Blood, & Skin
This kit has three formulas dedicated to cleansing the body of parasites. By getting rid of parasites, one will improve the functioning of their body's defences, insure better absorption of food, decrease the toxic load, rid themselves of vague, annoying and discomforting feelings, and lift energy. Please see our suggested protocol for complete parasite cleansing.

This kit has one formula designed to recolonize the intestines with pro-biotics or friendly bacteria. "Friendly bacteria" are certain, specific strains of bacteria that one's body recognizes as beneficial and never tries to destroy. In exchange for a hospitable living environment, these beneficial bacteria provide life giving gifts. They occupy available space along one's intestinal wall keeping non-beneficial bacteria from taking hold. They also secrete antibiotic/antiviral chemicals which inhibit the growth of these bad bacteria.
The first anti-oxidant formula, Toxin Neutralizer, is taken throughout the entire cleanse. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that neutralizes and prevents toxins from binding to, or damaging, healthy cells. The second formula is Refreshing Green Tea Blend, which can be taken at any time, providing immediate relief and support during vulnerable moments in the cleanse.
Each person feels differently as they cleanse. Some feel very energetic and more alive while cleansing; others, not until after they have completed their cleanse. It is also possible to alternate between feeling great and not so great. There may be occasional discomforts called "cleansing reactions". The more closely you eat an all raw diet of fruits and vegetables and/or their juices while cleansing, the more likely you will experience strong cleansing reactions. If the body is ready, some will even experience a "healing crisis". This can happen during the cleanse, but more likely will occur sometime later when you have built up your strength. All these experiences are the body's wisdom working on the areas that need to reach optimal health. Unlike disease processes which lead to continued degeneration and loss of energy, any discomforts of cleansing are only temporary and always lead to more energy, vitality, and renewed health.

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