pulling it out of one's system

This kit is formulated specifically for the   colon. After years of eating food it is common to build up a layer of "mucoid   plaque" on the inside walls of the intestines. This plaque greatly reduces our   ability to absorb nutrition as well as leading to countless health problems.   This colon cleanse kit can absorb and pull the plaque from your intestinal walls   and carry it out of your system. It is a 5 day program and contains 4 items and   a User's guide. The Colon Cleansing Kit made by Blessed Herbs is   guaranteed to remove large portions of intestinal debris (like the photos shown   on this site) in just 5 days.

Each Kit Contains: - Toxin   Absorber (30 packets of powder) - Digestive Stimulator (90 vegetarian caps) - 1 Shaker Jar (to mix Toxin Absorber) - 1 User's Guide & 1 Dosage   Calendar

Detail of the formulas: Toxin Absorber During this program one will take Toxin Absorber with apple juice and water,   five times a day, to draw the mucoid plaque off their intestinal walls. It will   also absorb toxins, heavy metals, and excess cholesterol from the intestinal   tract. Although liquid when first mixed, Toxin Absorber will begin to thicken as   it slowly moves through the digestive system. During this time, it will bond to   the plaque on a person's intestinal walls, pulling it out of one's system.

An herbal supplement of Psyllium seed husks,   Apple pectin, Ginger root* or Peppermint**, and Bentonite clay. *Certified   Organically Grown Digestive Stimulator Digestive Stimulator is a   natural herbal stimulant that tones, cleanses, and purifies the entire digestive   system. The dosages will vary for each person to assure that one's bowels are   moving at least three times a day. During this program it is vitally important   that one has regular bowel movements to keep the Toxin Absorber moving through   the intestinal system.

An herbal supplement of Aloe leaf, Aloe Vera   leaf, Cascara Sagrada bark, Chinese Rhubarb root*, Triphala (Amla fruit,   Chebulic Myrobalan fruit, Belleric Myrobalan fruit), Barberry root, Dandelion   root*, Fringe Tree root bark, Meadowsweet aerial parts, Plantain aerial parts*,   Ginger root*, Fennel seed*, Peppermint leaf*, Fenugreek seed*, and Licorice   root*. *Certified Organically Grown

NOTE - This product should not be used by:-   Pregnant or nursing mothers, Anyone with an active acute infection, Anyone   recovering from a medical procedure, surgery or therapy,Anyone with a bowel   obstruction, Anyone with extreme weakness or deficiencies should not do the   fasting part of the program. Please read the User Guide before purchasing.